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Above the Colorado River Valley
of Lake Havasu City & Parker, AZ

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Come enjoy the peace and uniqueness of a hot air balloon ride above the warm and beautiful Colorado River Valley with Havasu Ballooning, the areas only F/T balloon ride company. These incredible views must be seen to be appreciated and there is no better way to do this than from our hot air balloon! If you're new to hot air ballooning, you'll be amazed at how comfortable you'll feel aboard our aircaft, floating along with the gentle winds with virtually no sensation of movement while the earth below slips silently by. Ballooning is the only means of flight where we humans can truly observe the beauties of nature from a birds-eye perspective. When the winds aloft permit, we like to climb to an altitude of about 3,000 feet to soak in views of the entire Colorado River Valley. The remainder of our flight will be "Contour Flying" where we keep the basket just above the trees so you can enjoy the wildlife and interact with envious earth-bound neighbors.

Picture your balloon passing over the water as we slowly descend and gently touch the basket to the surface. Floating along the tree tops you'll be close enough to pluck a leaf or pinecone as a souvenir of your flight. Enjoy this aerial adventure with in-flight entertainment as you marvel at the breathtaking views from your gondola.

We fly at Sunrise and meet approximately 60 minutes before, so plan to spend 3 - 5 hours for your entire experience. At the conclusion of your flight we'll celebrate your incredible adventure with champagne. Before departing, everyone gets a personalized hot air balloon ride first flight certificate (suitable for framing), and a souvenir memento of your once in a lifetime experience.

*FACTS YOU MUST CONSIDER*: Hot air ballooning is a weather dependent activity and we will not fly when conditions are unfavorable for a safe flight. Since we began flying 1996 we have never had a passenger injured on a flight - a statistic we proudly intend to maintain. When others might throw caution to the wind and choose paycheck over passenger, we will send you home disappointed but unbroken so you can – “Live To Fly Another Day”. Mother Nature will decide what we get but our goal is to deliver a full value experience with an anticipated flight time of about an hour. Conditions often impact our flight time aloft especially in Lake Havasu City where the multitude of power lines, wind direction and so few places to land can limit flights to 30 minutes or less. At these times we will fly in Parker (about 40 minutes south of Havasu) where most flights get a full hour+. Don't be hasty and shun a Parker flight. While Lake Havasu City is truly beautiful from the ground, Parker is positively breathtaking from the air. Unlike most balloonists who fly part-time secondary to their regular J.O.B., we are a f/t balloon ride company who just doesn’t feel right about charging you for a 20-30 minute flight. We put 100% of our time and energy into providing the most enjoyable, comfortable and safe a flight as possible! We won't jamb you into a basket with 10 other people - you'll be much more comfortable with our personalized service for passenger groups of just 2–4 persons. Please consider all of these facts and make the right choice for your Balloon Ride Company - Havasu Ballooning.

Entertaining our passengers with quality in both equipment and service doesn't just happen on its own - we make it happen! Yes, we make memories that last a lifetime. Go ahead, give yourself or that special someone the gift that will never be forgotten — a hot air balloon flight with a company who truly cares about giving you the best time of your life! Our Arizona flying season begins in November and ends in May when we head out to fly in cooler climates.

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